Who are we and what do aim for?

EverEco SIA was established in 2013 with the aim of becoming a market leader in LED lighting retail and wholesale in the Baltic region.

Currently, we are one of the retail and wholesale leaders in the Latvian market with the online store LEDakcijas.lv.

Starting from the end of 2023 and onwards, our online platform LEDakcijas.lv will be the only available retail platform for customers of all countries and types.

Thanks to our developed sales system that combines wholesale, retail, and project development, we are rapidly growing, attracting more and more new customers.

Why customers choose to collaborate with us:

  • Quality lighting with European certification
  • Fast deliveries (wide delivery options at affordable prices)
  • Large warehouse stocks
  • Low prices (we operate without intermediaries)
  • Discount system based on the "buy more, pay less" principle
  • High-performance online store with various payment and delivery methods, product comparison
  • Wide range of products
  • Opportunity to view and purchase all products in our physical store at Cesvaines iela 15, Riga
  • Quick warranty service. Exchange of defective goods for new ones
  • Extensive product range (more than 4000 different products related to LED lighting)
  • Knowledgeable salespersons, consultants, project developers
  • Multilingual support: Latvian, English, Russian, etc.
  • Over 5 years of experience in LED lighting sales (customer service in-store, wholesale, project development)
  • Over 5,000,000 products sold
  • We are the largest distributor of the V-TAC brand in the Baltic States
  • Marketing materials (product stands, video blogs, various materials, and publications on the topic of LED lighting)

How we operate:

  • LED lighting is purchased directly from European central warehouses with full European certification.
  • Warehouse stocks are replenished daily with direct imports from our cooperation partners in European countries.
  • We operate without intermediaries to ensure the lowest possible selling price in both wholesale and retail.
  • All products are viewable, testable, and purchasable in our specialized lighting store in Riga.
  • We strive to work so that your investment in LED lighting corresponds to the value and quality of the product, as well as the latest market trends.
  • We value our customers and take into account customer preferences!
  • We actively sell lighting in 5 countries, ensuring low prices, high quality, and fast delivery.

Why collaborate with us and buy LED lighting from LEDakcijas.lv?

  1. We work with real product stocks. In our Riga warehouse, top-positioned products have at least EUR 500,000 in stock. The stock volume in the central European warehouse is provided at around EUR 20 million.

  2. We work to ensure that all products listed on the online store are also available for immediate purchase (the product range is constantly being updated, for the availability of specific products (quantity), please inquire by writing to our email info@ledakcijas.lv).

  3. All products in our office/store are viewable, connectable, and testable on-site. Most of the assortment is displayed with switches so that customers can turn on and choose the desired lamp power and light temperature.

  4. All prices listed on the website are accurate, and you will not have to deal with unpleasant price changes after placing an order.

  5. We work only directly with manufacturers and their representatives in Europe.

  6. We are responsible for the warranty of the product purchased in our store. In the case of defective goods, you will not have to visit a special representative or warranty service.

Our organizational units:

In Latvia and elsewhere in Europe: LEDakcijas.lv info@ledakcijas.lv

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